This is the Jello Biafra universe. I am not associated with Jello Biafra. My name is Mike. Subsequently, there are obvious signs that I am a huge fan of Mr. Boucher. I am doing this for fun.


This is not a game. This requires a degree of intelligence to explore. This will be measured by your ability of participation.

The universe consists of everything Jello Biafra. You may create a classified ad if you're wanting to sell a Jello Biafra related item. Furthermore, you can frequent the main store to purchase autographed items, past concert posters, and other items as they become available.

There are no support services within the Jello Biafra universe. You must figure it out on your own. Each person will experience something differently. The experiences are based on 'keywords' or 'links' you can find and decide to click on. Fascination begins with the 'keyword' you're thinking about and what the universe may or may not display.

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